5 party favours that I prefer instead of a party bag.

I am in the busy period of planning my son’s birthday. Yes I am one of those ridiculous people who should keep it simple but I like to take it too far I am sure. In fact, one of my friends notified me she was getting Pinterest alerts for my son’s themed birthday party page at all hours, which is bad enough except he was only about four months at the time!

Last year we went all out Paw Patrol but this year the venue has decided the dinosaur theme which made it all a bit simple. It has made me reflect on some of the best party favours we have received or given at previous parties.

  1. Bubble wands – We did them for my son’s jungle themed 1st birthday because the babies were just too young for everything I had seen in the shops for party favours. I found it on faithful Pinterest and made a little leaf shaped thank you card on it for all our little guests. They were super cheap, but everyone loved them.

2. Gym Ribbons – we got these from a friends daughters gymnastics birthday at a gymnastics centre. We still have it now (2 years later!) and it is played with whenever we get the fancy dress box out! Again, not ridiculously expensive and so easy.

3. Books – We have had these at a few parties now and such a lovely gift. Some people have written in them which I hope will mean they survive my husband’s book culls and hold a special memory for my children. Suits every age and nice and easy to sort for party guests. The best way to do it is to buy a set of 5 or 10 books and split them. We have the Book People at work which always works out cheaper too!

4. Balloons – We love balloons in our house, even as babies my two loved the helium balloons and would play around with them with their feet. These are such a great favour for large parties. You can buy your own helium cannisters and fill them up. BE WARNED! If you do blow them and ties ribbons etc then think of a plan to keep them separated! We went to a great party where they tied chocolate coins on the bottom of them as weights but the balloons all tangled and we ended up cutting the ribbons.

5. Bucket and Spade – For my daughters first birthday in June we had a barbeque and thank goodness for the sunny day. I didn’t know exactly what to do for their presents but managed to get some buckets and spades from Amazon. I put some sweets in there for the older children. It is one that people say they kept and used so I see that as a success.

I have no issues with party bags, I just like to do things a bit different, reduce the wastage and give the party guests something memorable and useful. Maybe you have some great ideas too, so pop me a comment. I definitely don’t see my obsession with birthday party themes fading so I may need some more ideas for the future!

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