5 best places we went to in Somerset.

I spent the Welsh half term in England because a) I hate the extra children and adults bring to my favourite places at home and b) I love going to my parents house for a bit of home cooked food, washing hung out and ironed and the general happiness of having Nana and Bampa about. So we explored the new part of Somerset my parents have moved to but also ventured to my old stomping ground too!

1. West Lydford Church – we got married here. It’s super close to where I grew up. My relatives are buried there. Child friendly, it is not especially but there is a little walk and a forest garden for a run around.

2. Lytes Cary- it’s a lovely national trust house and gardens. However, we go to the forest and ground walks around the main house so as far as I am aware we don’t have to pay, but we always end up eating ice cream there in summer anyway! We followed the yellow signs (a couple of miles) and through the Explorers trail in the forest. my son absolutely loved the tractors working hard in the field! It was full of lovely physical and mental (not that hard!) challenges for the children and we only left because the 18 deg of February (!) heat was lowering.

3. Burnham on Sea- I was still recovering from a crappy flu bug but I still loved the walk along the promenade. My son scooted and my daughter pushed her baby in the pram or tantrumed and sulked in the pram! We didn’t venture into the town but we went to a lovely cafe on the front for teacake and ice-cream and stopped at the little pier for a go on the ride ons. So much fun for a lovely day out. 4 hrs free parking too!

4. Clarks village- the playpark was great with unusual swings that I got to go on with my little girl. Shops that I wouldn’t normally buy from, all with great discounts. My mum even managed to find out about a ‘secret sale’ which saved us even more!! My son also took my dad out for ice-cream which was just so amazingly cute (giving me a chance to shop!)

5. Playgroups- I never make enough use of these in Cardiff. In Somerset there are alot less soft plays, gyms or play cafes so these playgroups (normally church run) are great and so cheap! I love the children playing with different toys, singing and socialising. My son loved the trains and cars and my daughter spent alot of time dressing up. It is so gender cliche but that’s how it worked this week.

I could make alot more lists of things to do in Somerset that I have found and may well do when we go down again. If anyone has recommendations then please let me know! Equally what do you do when you go to your parents houses? Unfamiliar territory can be daunting and out of routine etc? Any good blogs or websites for getting ideas of places to go?!

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