5 things that I prefer instead of Easter Eggs!

I am not a huge fan of giving the children chocolate. However, now my son is 4 it is inevitable that Easter will be some chocolate induced frenzy but I guess I need to chill out about that and enjoy it! But I do plan to limit their chocolate consumption as much as I possibly can!  I thought I would share some ideas that we have had instead of Easter eggs in case you were in the same predicament or maybe giving something at Easter to a parent like me!

1. Books. My two love books and stickers and that sort of thing. We have had some lovely books over the years and I am trying to make sure I tuck them away in an Easter box ready to come out each year. We have the full range of the Easter story to egg hunt and bunny related!img_20190406_0937344011016256368081650.jpg

2. Cuddly toys- Yes we all have way too many of these I am sure (although since investing in toy hammocks this worries me alot less!) But a cuddly chick or bunny is such a lovely gift. I particularly loved the Peter Rabbit puppet we were given for our daughter last Easter. Puppets in general are a lovely toy to have, we sing and be silly playing with them particularly when the children are unwell.

3. Crafts. Nothing is more welcome than something that we can do on a rainy morning/afternoon/evening in Wales. We had a lovely sheep money box when my son was small that we could paint. For some reason my son likes painting 3D objects but isn’t fussed by paper!

4. Anything to hide- Last Easter my son was wayyy more fussed about the egg hunting than the chocolate so we ended up hiding little toys around the garden. Any little toys that can be hidden make great fun! We used our Paw Patrol busy book characters. Even just the cardboard egg shapes worked a treat with a small egg at the end!

5. Nothing! But come and spend some time playing with the kids. Let my son talk absolute nonsense about his funny dreams or my daughter will make you tea in the tea-set. Sometimes the gift of time is the best present and if you don’t really celebrate Easter it’s just a few extra days off to spend time with your kids, your neices and nephews or friends children.

I am so excited about the Easter holidays, a break from nursery drop offs and a chance to see people we keep running out of time to see. I look forward to the treasure hunts, the crafty bits and finding stickers on every surface I can find! I hope you find these ideas useful, what else would be good to give at Easter?! What has been a real hit with your children?

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