5 things we do before bed to help the children sleep

So I can most definitely not claim to be a baby sleep expert. Mainly because it took ages for both my babies to sleep through the night. Particularly my daughter who either treated it like she was a newborn until 19months and used my boob as an all you can eat buffet all night! However, I do feel I have learnt a lot about bedtimes routines, mainly because we in desperation have modified ours to ensure that they sleep now they are a bit bigger. I have a toddler and pre schooler who are good sleepers, will keep working on the baby bit! Ha!

1) Bath- my children do get very dirty, but even the nights when they aren’t so dirty we still bath them. Or shower, they love a shower after a long day in their nursery! We have all sorts of squashed faces on the shower screen. Because their skin is a little sensitive we don’t use bubble bath every night and we save bubbles for twice a week hair washing.

2) Milk- I don’t really know when we will stop this but both the kids have milk with their story at bedtime. I think I like the idea that their tummies are full as they drift off to sleep. My daughter has decided she doesn’t like cows milk so we give her the Alpro soya growing up drink and with its extra vitamins and iron I am keen for her to have this as long as possible.

3) Book- We do love reading in this house. We have an English and Welsh book at bedtime each night. I think this is a lovely calming part of our routine. The kids don’t seem to mind brushing their teeth at this point . My son is beginning to read some words himself and it’s a lovely way to end the day with lots of encouragement.

4) Beds- I think the kids beds are pretty standard. They have their selection of toys on it (which we occasionally have to demote some to the hammocks!) Both of them have their particular toys to take, we wouldn’t be good without Rosie the Ragdoll and Jack the bear.

5) Body- I found this one out when my son was struggling to sleep after I had been in and out of hospital when my baby girl was due. I think he was unsettled and we found he was wanting to be stroked off to sleep. I found something that said if you say goodnight to their body it kind of signals the body to go to sleep and it worked miraculously! We start with toes and end on eyes.

So those are my 5 ways we make bedtime work for us, what do you do?! My daughter still likes us with her as she goes off to sleep, any tips?!

Equally if you have a baby not sleeping through I feel your pain, stick with it and you are not alone. I watched alot of crap telly on my phone throughout the night but now we get our sleep so it’s all worth it! Don’t give up and make little adjustments to make it feel like you are doing something about it!

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