5 things I love about Bluestone

If you had told me we would be returning somewhere over and over again on holiday 10 years ago I would have been very offended by that comment. But Bluestone is that place and we have been 3 times now and we love it. For our young family we find it’s the greatest place for us all to have fun and unwind. I hope that my children will have happy memories of this place. As we prepare for our 4th visit introducing our friends to the place we hope that they will love it as much as us.

1) Its safe- for a bit worrier like me this was the first on my list for a reason. There are stair gates, it’s car free. Now if you are a proper worrier this will help- they even have their lost child policy in the welcome book and it made me feel happier.

2) Its well equipped- I pack wayyy too much stuff and it drives my husband crazy. But Bluestone has helped me reduce how much we take away as it has it covered. The kitchen has plenty of items to make sure you can still cook if you want to. It also has plenty of options when you eat out too without being overwhelming and commercialised. The shops are basic but definitely have everything you need to fill in those gaps. I would highly recommend a supermarket shop en

3) It’s natural – it’s friendly to the earth yes which is great but better than that, it’s just got the most beautiful surroundings. Nothing beats the view from the top of the hill looking over the rolling hills of Wales. Nothing beats walking through the forest and embarking on a mini adventure trail past fairy houses and babbling brooks. Even the little gardens attached to each lodge make me love being outside.

4) It’s fun – the pool, the adventure zone, the circus room and the activities make sure we are all entertained. We all loved the swimming so much last time we went, we had tears getting out which was the worst bit. Waves, Rapids and flumes keep us in their for ages! Even the play park in the village kept us entertained. We loved the activities but I actually think this time we will take it easy on them and give ourselves more time to explore.

5) It’s relaxing – the spa is incredible. My mum and I went and had a great time and I definitely relaxed. However, I think the chilling out in the evening was the most relaxing. The children sleep well because we are busy and outdoors and we can relax in a comfortable space. A great way to rewind and reconnect with friends, family or just us.

I do love it and I am sure there are some equally amazing places to visit so please recommend away. I know it is not the cheapest holiday but we have been in peeing it down rain and we still feel we get value for money. Let me know your top Bluestone tips for our next adventure there.

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