5 things we are doing to simplify our days out

If you read my post about me pretending to be organised (5 things I do to make me feel more organised.) you will have sensed that I am not the world’s most light traveller. I like to keep an abundance of toys especially for when we eat out! But I am trying to simplify our days out and travel a bit lighter where we can. I should add that this list generally only applies to when the sun is shining and there is no Welsh rain!

1) Let the children enjoy their environment. We went to a pebble beach and normally I would have brought a digger, some buckets, a few little characters etc. However this time we just played with the pebbles, spotting interesting ones, swotting up on our shape words and then throwing them at a pebble tower. So much simpler!

2. Eating out less. This is ironic as I do love eating out (The 5 things we do when we are eating out with the children.) But when the sun is out, a picnic works best. The kids eat healthier food in general and it can be relaxed and usually near a play park! My husband have found we can relax a bit and eat our food at our own pace and whenever the children are hungry too. Our campervan holiday with its fridge and space to eat even when it rained made this even better!

3) Research- this doesn’t have to be a huge task, I tend to google things en route, but I have found that looking up parking or where we might find an ice cream if we need is useful to do before we bundle out the car on an adventure. It was the sort of thing that inspired my Stops in the Midlands blog post. I would love to create a set of lists of five important places to go in each place we visit!

4) Use your people! We had a lovely day at the beach on the Gower which was made simpler by me packing a rucksack for myself and my son having responsibility for his.

He had the suntan lotion (not needed!) His drink and the sand toys. He loved the responsibility and it helped keep us both free to hold hands or pick up interesting items.

5) Wheels- we love the scooters as a general chuck in the car kind of thing. They help us to have a lovely walk on a day out where both kids are being active and having fun and not whinging or asking for snacks! Having some sort of wheels makes even a disastrous day work as we can scoot around or to anything! It also reduces how much my more than capable daughter is in her pram!

I hope you have lots of lovely family days out too, if so what are your tips to keeping them fun and easy!? Our weekends used to be stressful as my husband worked so many of them but now I love our family time and try to savour the memories.

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