5 things I do to help with toothbrushing!

This is one of those frustrations I had with my son that now I feel alot more relaxed about with my daughter. Mainly because we have 2 times a day where teeth get brushed in some form of way and the dentist says they have good teeth so we must be doing something right! Any tips though to get this brushing more thorough are welcomed!!

1. Dentist. This is obvious but we do make sure we visit the dentist regularly and we do visit as a family. It means the children see us have it as well. Our dentist is so lovely too and engages with the children pleasing my son but not too much which pleases my daughter. Having someone else remind them about tooth brushing is good. They also have dental services provided in school but having that reminder from important people is great.

2. Lots of brushes- this isn’t so wonderful for the environment but when we first started tooth brushing we always made sure lots of toothbrushes were available in different colours and shapes. It made it a bit of a game but also meant that brushing was dragged out a bit. As they got older we have tried the cheap battery ones and my 4yo has a full fledged rechargable battery one which is super!

3. Routine. I have found that as long as we brush our teeth after getting dressed and heading downstairs there are no arguments. It’s the same everyday. We also always brush our teeth after milk and during the story at bedtime so that’s predictable too. I love a good old routine nowadays!

4. Food. I guess this is a really blatent one but we do try really hard to limit what sugars our children have. This is getting trickier as they get older but we still try! This includes natural sugars and fruit too as this isn’t great for their teeth. I do try veg as snacks and we generally don’t allow juice or squash but I don’t want to sound preachy as food can be a minefield of fussyness and convenience too!!

5. Relax. I guess my biggest learning point was to not get stressed if on a particular night they don’t want to brush, we would try to encourage but I hated the dreaded forced brush. Often they wouldn’t want to brush because they were teething etc and I really don’t think missing the occasional brush does any harm. If they were being particular pickles I would offer toothbrushes throughout the day maybe when they weren’t tired.

What do you do to help toothbrushing?! What do you find the trickiest?! Teeth are so mega important but I do think we spend alot of time as parents worrying about brushing. I hope this helps and I welcome any ideas to make it any more successful in our house!

One thought on “5 things I do to help with toothbrushing!

  1. Love the idea of multiple toothbrushes to keep them going longer, we watch a YouTube video called blippi – drives you a bit crazy but seems to get our little one to brush her teeth!


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